School Science Exhibition 2015


School  Science Exhibition 2015 :

A school level science exhibition was held at Govt. Sr. Sec. School Raipur Khurd U.T, Chandigarh in collaboration with Science & Technology Department Chandigarh. The students displayed various models exhibiting different scientific concepts. The main purpose behind the exhibition was to buid scientific temper among the students.

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List of SMC members for the session 2015-2016

List of SMC members for the session 2015-2016

S. No. Gen. Name of the member Category Father/mother/guardian of Address Telephone no.
1 F Mrs.Neena Kalia School Principal & Convener —- #1255-B,sec-21 Pkl 9781046969
2 M Mr.Lachhman Singh Village Sarpanch & Chairman —- #41,Raipur Khurd 9878117120
3 F Mrs.Lata Sharma Local educationist cum Guardian Kajal Kanojia, 10th  A #17,Raipur Khurd 9815325500
4 F Mrs.Satwant Vashisht Social Worker #70Tribune Complex,Raipur Khurd 9915227393
5 F Mrs. Kamla Parent member Krishna Kumari 10th B #57,Raipur Khurd 7508514282/9041563972
6 M Mr. Harjit Singh Parent member Ritika,8th  B #115,Raipur Khurd 9646272595
7 F Mrs.Madhuri Devi Parent member Himanshu, 7th B #80/c,Raipur Khurd 9872143232
8 F Mrs.Monika Chauhan Parent member Tanya, 8th B #105c,Raipur Khurd 9780257930
9 F Mrs.Promila Kumari Teacher member Teacher member #1,HemVihar,Baltana.SAS NAGAR 9814314414
10 M Mr.Jaswant Singh Parent member Sonam 10th  A #45,Raipur Khurd 9646429707
11 M Mr.Singhasan Prasad Parent member Jyoti,8th  A #28/C,Raipur Khurd 9988137598
12 M Mr.Dharam Singh Social Worker #57,Raipur Khurd 9779209297
13 F Happy Devi Parents Member Rachna 7th A #75/1,Raipur Khurd, 9988137598/9501141501
14 F Savita Parents Member Bhawna 8th A 75/1, Raipur Khurd 9357680717


“World Disability Day” Report


Report on celebration of World Disability Day

The Disability Day was celebrated in GSSS, Raipur Khurd, Chandigarh. Many activities were organized keeping in view the CWSN students. On 03.12.2015 tree plantation was held .Centprent participation was ensured, So as to inculcate confidence in the students. A rally was also organized in the village Raipur Khurd on 06.12.15 to create awareness about the CWSN and to sensitize the common people about them. A poster making competition was also organized. CWSN incharge Mrs. Anu Prabhakar organized the events.

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“Swachhata Abiyan” 1 November to 20 November 2015


O/o The Principal Govt. Sr. Sec. School Raipur Khurd

 U.T. Chandigarh


SWACHHTA ABHIYAN (1st Nov. to 20th Nov. 2015)


Cleanliness campaign was organized by the students of Govt. Sr. Sec. School Raipur Khurd U.T. Chandigarh. The students cleaned the school premises. The message of staying away from dengue was also conveyed. The students cleaned their classrooms, library, laboratories etc. properly. The school playground, sports room, herbal garden and administrative area was also cleaned.

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Enrollment Nursery to Class 12 for the Session 2015-2016.

Govt. Sr. Sec. School Raipur Khurd U.T. Chandigarh

Total Enrollment (Nur. To 12th)

Session (2015-16)     

Class Boys Girls Total(B+G)
Nur. 19 20 39
Total 19 20 39
                       Class 1st to 5th
1st A 15 25 40
1st B 21 14 35
2nd A 21 20 41
2nd B 16 24 40
3rd A 16 16 32
3rd B 16 17 33
3rd C 15 16 31
4th A 18 23 41
4th B 20 22 42
5th A 17 16 33
5th B 21 15 36
Total 196 208 404
                     Class 6th to 10th
6th A 21 20 41
6th B 26 18 44
7th A 21 27 48
7th B 22 25 47
8th A 25 23 48
8th B 20 27 47
9th A 30 21 51
9th B 25 22 47
10th A 21 17 38
10th B 19 19 38
Total 230 219 449
                    Class +1 & +2
10+1 A 32 20 52
10+1 B 32 15 47
10+2 A 17 11 28
10+2 B 12 10 22
Total 93 56 149
Grand Total 538 503 1041

“Beti Bachao Beti Padao Abhiyan” January Month Activities.


Beti Bachao Beti Padao Abhiyan

All the directed activities of Beti Bachao Beti Padao Abhiyan were organized systematically in GSSS Raipur khurd Chandigarh. The purpose of the activities was to make the children aware of the need of girl education.

On 2nd Nov. poster making was organized on the theme of female education. On 3rd Nov. 2015 debate was held for classes 9th and 10th on the topic “how important is female education”. The students participated enthusiastically in the debate. On 4th Nov. 2015 slogan writing contest was held on the same theme.

On 5th Nov. 2015 a street play and a rally was held on the themes of Save Environment and Educate Girl.  The play was appreciated by the villagers.

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November Month Activities


Poster- making

Poster – Making contest on the theme of cleanliness and hygiene was held.  The children made beautiful posters on the given themes.

The purpose of the contest was to make the students aware of the our surroundings the contest was supervised by Mrs. Rajni


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Film Show

                 A film show was shown to the students in the multimedia room. The title of the show was Cleanliness and Hygiene. The main theme of the show was the “Cleanliness”. The students learnt a lot and decided to adopt cleanliness habits to the maximum.


Skit, Poem and Pledge


                A skit was performed by the students on the theme of pollution entitled “ Pardushan ka Rakshas”. The message of the skit was to prevent the harmful effects of pollution. Poetry recitation was held on the theme of “Clean Environment”.The students recited beautiful poems spreading the message of environmental safety. A pledge was also taken by the students to keep their surroundings neat and clean. Other activities like debate, poem recitation, skit  and essay writing were also conducted to make the student aware about the importance of cleanliness. The activities were supervised by Mrs. Mamta Gupta , Miss Yogita and Mrs. Satinder Kaur.



A rally was carried out by the students. The students spread the message of anti-cracker Diwali and save earth from pollution to spread the message of Cleanliness. The NSS Volunteers cleaned the village public places as well as school premises. The villagers and children of Raipur Khurd were made aware of the harmful effects of pollution produced by the crackers on Diwali. A pledge was also taken to celebrated anti cracker Diwali the school principal Mrs. Neena  kalia also persuaded the children not to burst crackers on diwali and keep the surrounding clean.



Waste Management


A workshop was conducted by Mrs. Anjali and Mrs. Sonia on the theme of Waste Management  Under the workshop, the students were taught how to use waste material like plastic bottles, newspapers, straws, disposable glasses etc. for making useful items. The students also learnt how to make compost from dead leaves and garbage. The workshop was very productive and informative.




Paper Recycling

The students of junior as well as senior wings were taught how to recycle paper using old newspaper, fevicol and water in a workshop conducted by Mrs. Anu and Mrs. Chitra. The purpose of the workshop was to teach the students the skill of waste management. Different items like paper hills, paper lamps, file covers, flower vases etc.were made using waste paper. The workshop was quite productive.

Behaviour Change Communication


                The students of classes 9th to 12th were given a counselling session by the school counsellor Mrs. Aruna on the topic of Behavior and Communication. The main stress was given on bringing such changes in the behavior which will encourage them to keep their surroundings clean and maintain their personal as well as social hygiene.


           The students were also motivated to convey the message of cleanliness to everyone they come in contact with.

Pollution Prevention Day

Pollution Prevention Day was observed  by   Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Raipur Khurd UT Chandigarh. Various students participated in poster making competition on the topic “ How to control pollution”. A calligraphy competition was also held on this occasion. The students made powerpoint presentation slides on pollution prevention. A rally was also carried out in the village to make the people aware about the ways to control pollution.