School Profile.

School Profile


1 Name of the School:                             Govt. Sr. Sec. School Raipur Khurd U.T. Chandigarh

2 Name of the Head of the Institution:   Mrs. Neena Kalia

  3 Staff Strength:

  A) Teaching Staff


PGT TGT JBT NTT Computer Teacher Sports Coaches Work Exp. Lab Attendants
05 20 14 1 2 2 1 1
  1. Non Teaching
Librarian Accountant Clerk Group-D
—- ….. 1 15


Total Enrollment of the School

Sr. Secondary Secondary Middle Primary
69 151 297 405

1. No. of class rooms                                     :                                                           12

2. No. of Sections (level wise):

Sr. Sec. (XI-XII) Secondary (VI-X) Primary (I-V) Pre-Nursery/Nursery
XI-2 & XII-1 Two For Each 1st-2, 2nd -2, 3rd-2, 4th- 3,5th-3 One section

Is the MDM served under Hygienic Conditions?  Yes

  1.  No. of student desks:262
Dual:262 Single Nursery Sets :35 single small chair
  1.   Additional requirement of furniture, if any? Yes (Teacher tables, Chairs,student desk)
  1. Does the school have units of



N.S.S         Yes
N.C.C        Yes


(II) No. of Toilets:       Staff    (02)                  Students
                                                                        1) Boys            (1)       2) Girls(1)


Condition of Toilets: Newly Constructed        Renovated               Need Renovation

(III)  All are working Proper cleaning and water facility.

a) Drinking Water Facilities: No. of Coolers                                  No. of Water drinking outlets
b) Are the drinking water facilities adequate?                              Yes


When was the school building white-washed last?                        November  2012

V) Existing School Labs:                                                                                 
1. Science Lab                                     Yes
2. Physics Lab                                      No
3. Chemistry                                        No
4. Biology Lab                                      No
5. Home Science Lab                            No
6. Work Exp. Lab                                  No
7. Maths Lab                                        Yes
8. Geography Lab                                Yes
9. Computer Lab                                  Yes
10. No. of Vocational Lab                     No
11. Any other                                       No


9) Condition and Maintenance of Play grounds: Good

b) Are Sports facilities adequate?-  Yes


  1. Vacancy Position (Category Wise)
P.G.T                                          1
T.G.T                                         1
J.B.T                                         1
Nursery                                   No
Office Staff                             No
Group D                                 1 Aya


  1. School Library
No. of Books English Hindi Punjabi
3000 750 1800 400

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