Maths Club:

Maths club of the school was established in August, 2012. The Members of the 
  Clubs are:-

  1. Mrs. Deepali Bansal(TGT Science Non. Med.)
  2. Mr. Pankaj Chohan (TGT Science Non. Med.)
  3. Mrs. Davinder Kaur (JBT)
  4. Mrs. Sangeeta Rani (JBT)
  5. Ms. Anita (TGT Maths)

                            Various Mathematical Activities are performed under Maths Club:
Such as -:     i) Formation of Geo –Board.
                     ii)  Preparation of different type of Quadrilaterals.
                    iii)  Formation of different types of angles.
                      iv) Formation of spinning top etc.
The activities are performed weekly in various classes and students participate actively under the guidance of teachers.



The ‘Tiger’ Eco-Club is being actively run under the guidance of Ms. Promila Kumari.

  • Various activities such as Poster Making Competition, Slogan Writing Competition, Essay Writing Competition, Quiz Competition, Speech Contest, Cleanliness Campaign etc. were organized. The students actively and whole heartedly performed the above said activities.
  • The school also acts as a cluster head for 5 schools of this region.
  • The schools under this cluster are also motivated to participate in various activities which ultimately benefit the environment.


Consumer Club

A consumer protection act was passed by U.S. congress on 15th August 1963. This day is celebrated as “World consumers day”. In Indian Parliament the consumer protection act was passed on 24th December 1968. This day is celebrated as ‘National Consumer Day’. In this consumer protection act certain rights are given to the consumers.
To make the students aware about their consumer rights, consumer club is established in the school, which is running successfully for the last three years.  The students are also given the responsibility to make their society aware about consumer rights. Different activities are carried out for this purpose. Rallies are organized in the village to make the people aware. Different competitions are held. Lectures are delivered by the eminent personalities to make the students more cautious about certain malpractices. So consumer club of the school is working hard and trying its best for making the students and the society aware about consumer rights and fight for the same.


Science Club

Science Club of the school was established in August 2012. The Members of the club are

  1. Mrs. Promilla(TGT Science)
  2. Mrs. Deepali bansal (TGT Science Non Med.)
  3. Mr. Pankaj Chohan (TGT Science Non Med.)


Under this science club, science activities are performed in the class rooms. Science activities in each class are performed on weekly basis. Each student of the class actively participates in these activities and teachers guide the students about these activities. Teachers of science motivate the student to participate in science club activities.



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